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ρόπαλο vs. νυχτερίδα (Ropalolyst or Nychteridalyst)


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So about the Ropalolyst, it seems obvious this is coming from the Greek word "ρόπαλο" (rópalo), which means "bat" as in club/truncheon. Looking at the images/clips of the boss however it seems to somewhat resemble a bat (the animal), especially in the way it walks on its wings much like a bat does (see the animation from devstream 106 that is on the wiki Ropalolyst page for a good example of this). However, bat as in the little flying walking-on-its-wings animal would be "νυχτερίδα" (nychterída). So did DE really intend to name this boss after a club? Or is the more likely explanation they wanted to name it after a bat (the animal) but made a google translate oopsie and picked the wrong definition of the word bat?

According to the wiki:

Ropalo is Ancient Greek for "bludgeon". This may refer to the Ropalolyst's blunt limbs. It could however also refer to Ropalidia, a genus of paper wasps, or Rhopalocera, which refer to butterflies, both alluding to the Sentient's ability to fly.

Personally I think my explanation is more likely 🙂 What do you think?


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