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Watching the livestream, it was commented that we were upset about how hard it was to reach golem.


I think a mistake that was perhaps made was the speed of introduction on this... derelict set should've come first, without golem(or nekros), and then that should've hit with update 10.1. That way, there would be stockpiles of stuff earned from the derelict missions and whatnot, and we'd be anticipating it, instead of being given this huge chunk of stuff and just told "HERE".


No one would feel "grind" for golem if we'd been exploring derelict for a week. That would make more sense in the future, and probably allow you to get an update out without having people up all hours of the night to try and squeeze it in.


The other concept that struck me, that I really wonder about, is: If people feel things are grindy, instead of axe-and-replace, increasing variety would make more sense. That is, instead of removing raid(or deception or spy or rescue), splice it up--SOME raids become survival, SOME raids remain. The more game types the game has, the less "grind" you feel.


This doesn't mean the "less popular" variations might not need a buff/alteration, but as for total-replacement by a different type, it's kind of counter-productive to remove them. Having exactly X types(12, I believe?) that you swap out as they grow unpopular, instead of just adding new types, doesn't make much sense, particularly when "it feels like grind" is the main complaint we keep tossing at you.


If you keep adding variety to mission types, instead of just replacing them, that decreases the grindy-ness.

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I'm not sure if the reality of getting to the Golem is the complaint or the initial fear of what it could have been based on the grind for other stuff.


Example:  Farm Defense missions to hope for a void key to run a void mission to hope for a BP and rinse and repeat.  Enough people complain about the RNG for getting frame BPs from bosses, now we have to farm a defense mission and hope for the right type of key.  OK that is how the game has been played and the rewards from the void runs have been such people seem to be generally putting up with two layers of grind.


Now the initial report for getting to Golem was:  Farm mats to craft a key, to farm mats to craft ANOTHER key to farm a boss.  Based on drop rates we had been used to there was outcry.  A 3rd layer of grind AND crafting timers on top of that??!?!? And it really wasn't THAT unfounded because of everything we know about drop rates and blue prints in the game.


The reality?  Not such a big deal, but I think what the devs heard was the initial reaction to what looked like would be a big ole triple grind.


But yeah, your ideas about how the progression SHOULD have gone is much better.

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