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Warframe- Shapeshifter


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1) Summon

Summons the copy of warframe which do and run exactly like original warframe in 2 meters behind.

2) Pre-check

Open up all doors and destroy all cameras

3) Combat leaker

Make a invisible bubble, every one who steps in became invisible

4) Shapeshift

On cover at enemy you will be able to change your shape as any enemy

Also you will have all abilities of this enemy

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Sounds similar to the Changeling warframe I recently posted here:

Summon is a little unclear. If I understand it correctly, there is little to no point in it even as a decoy, because it will always be the one behind the other, the follower.

Pre-check is a bit of a problem as well, unless you mean it only opens doors locked due to a lockdown/security alert and not something similar to master thief.

Combat leaker is a good concept, but I think you need a better name for it ;)
Shapeshift is an almost exactly like my own Mimic, but I feel that Mimic is perhaps better balanced, although that could just be my more extensive description.

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