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Probably A Silly Suggestion But May Be Worth A Look [Primes]


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with regard to the recent update 10, I'm sure most players have this same problem while doing mag prime hunting in survival.

too many latron prime parts


so what one of my buddies in game commented was this

"it would be cool if they have a special prime token system"


what is does is that it trades in prime part components into tokens

and using these tokens, we can obtain lets say newer prime parts blueprints or components

e.g. latron prime stock (common) =  1 token each

then maybe, just maybe mag prime helmet blueprint = 10 tokens to obtain


the system goes this way

common item from void can be redeemed for 1 point each

uncommon items for about lets say 3 ~ 5 points?

and rare like extra frost prime blueprints or system blueprints for 15 ~ 20 points


then maybe 5 ~ 10 times more of the selling token price to obtain it in the token shop


of course its just a simple suggestion which is probably silly but every thought counts, not like someone will build 20 latron primes, true?

ps really sorry since I've no idea where to throw this post under

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Not a bad idea. Though it kinda would make getting prime weapons and suits a bit to easy imo. having a piece of prime gear to me is like a badge of honor or bragging rights if you will. it means you were willing to push through the farm to get what you wanted or you got insane luck. either way i want you on my team.

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Because FK the RNG gods....

I'd be much happier grinding for Prime gear because I know with 100% certainty that I WILL get what I'm after.

Not something like a 7.66% (or less) chance of getting 1 singular part... I just really have other things I want to do than get annoyed at a PC game for getting crappy drops.

With things like dungeon running in MMORPGs at least you randomly get something good regardless, you can sell it or trade it to a friend running with that class, but with Warframe, there is too much of a heavy reliance on random number generation rather than actual decent systems. Now that we're saturated with mods, weapons and warframe/helmet parts, it's really annoying having to rely on the Wikia just to hunt down what I'm after and to be honest, it makes me lose interest in the fun of the game and burns me out faster because I cannot see a clear path to my goal.

But that's my 2c ;D

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haha but think about it, rare stuff like BPs or Systems probably got 150 ~ 200 points

so its also quite reasonable I suppose


@Psyclosarin I agree, I had to check the wikia and spent like 1 whole day solo to get frost prime, wasn't a pretty sight for my friends whom saw me raging at my lappy XD


and we sort of have no purpose for the extra helms without the trading system and its only worth 3500 credits in market :/

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i could see this if they did it with old prime items to make room for new prime items say they add another gun and melee wep so latron prime and reaper prime then could be added to this shop but not the other new items so you can either wait and buy the old stuff with saved tokens or farm the new stuff to have bragging rights 

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