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This latest Devstream, it was mentioned Lunaro would be looked at. Here's how to fix it.


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Adding these ideas could turn Lunaro, or Conclave as a whole, into the perfect Endgame.

Add Corrupted-style armies to each team

This would bring Hack-n-slash to PvP as it exists in PvE. This is a major complaint for those who enjoyed Hack-n-slash in PvE, only to have it absent in PvE

As soon as you complete War Within, Lunaro is unlocked for play. Teshin should advertise Lunaro in addition to this, to bring notice to the game mode.

This gives players time to understand the game itself and become skilled at it. In addition. Operators could be potentially enabled.

Mods should be enabled, and match-making is done in accordance to Mod strength

The strength of the armies on each side are measured in accordance to mod strength as well. Whether rivens are enabled is up to the Devs, but maybe they should be to bring variety.

One of the major reasons Conclave isn't played is because of the rewards. Let's fix that

Rewards should be credits, Endo, and Kuva. Especially Kuva, if rivens are enabled.

If a Dev has read this, I thank them, regardless of whether these changes are added into the game. My last post didn't gain traction, likely because no one cared enough about Conclave to read it. If Lunaro indeed gets a rework, I hope these possible additions are at least considered.


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Make it like my ORIGINAL concept not this gross bastardization. 


Teams have ball spawners with which they use to peg competitors or score in goals that move to a new location around a complex and multilayered arena where the goals are not the same size each but have 3 sizes, nornal small and smaller that yield different points amounts. Allow pve movement speeds and make passing fluid, and catching a range based snappy mechanic. 

None of this hold rc to succ balls and mad dash race to spamswipe knockdown lockdown bs. 


Alternatively, a second mode post tww where its played by operators and the arcata an am4p type and the lunaro the "bullet" charge. 


My concept from like 2014. I see how much of it is not really doable but the simplified version at the top of this reply is.  

Btw lunaro was added june 15 2016, 2.5 year after my concept. 

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To all the people talking about the removal of these gamemodes, how about you delete your favourite warframes and then talk about the removal of a gamemode you personally don't like.

I and a lot of other people enjoy these modes from time to time or only play pvp content.

So if you don't like it don't talk about it, as you apparently don't want to play it and why should you actually care about it, it actually seems like you want the conclave rewards but are not willing to put in the effort to get them.

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Changing something in conclave would be a waste of time according to the devs (they have to be new player friendly after all).If a change will ever be made to lunaro , it would be the removal of the gamemode. A couple of hours before the drop of the Jovian Concord update , Steve had a stream in which he said ''lunaro fixes are coming along with this update'' or something like that , but no bug fixes , no changes and not even recognition whatsoever.  On devstream 127 (I think) they said they will fix lunaro as well , but didn't. Now on the latest devstream , which was 128 , they said ''Yeah we will be looking into that'' but didn't say a thing about the fixes not being with the Jovian Concord update. The fact that the devs and in particularly Steve said that lunaro fixes are coming with Jovian Concord update , say a lot about them and their ''promises''. I do understand that they do not have much time to spend on fixing something that 10 users play , but they should have at least said something else that was not so promising. Maybe something like ''We may fix lunaro , but we are not sure , so don't get your hopes up''. It's something DE always does and I am really surprised how many players are blind and do not see that the devs aren't really listening to the community and do whatever they should in order to attract new players. I can give so many examples , but that would be too long , and should be probably in another forum posted.  All the lunaro players want are these bug fixes that we CLEARLY said on so many forum posts like Kontrollo quoted. The problem with bugs appearing in Lunaro is that when devs are making any kind of movement update with Warframe overall , it affects Lunaro as well , but not in a good way because no one takes their time to make the new update compatible with lunaro/conclave , which results in game breaking bugs , like the double length check in lunaro (check is performed by pressing ''E'') and that is a lot of range which makes it better to travel to spam E than bullet jumping if you time it well. 

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