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Widescreen UI

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I'm using three screens, 5760 x 1080.  Just about every menu has dialogue boxes in the far opposite corners, with inventory and market screen items being split by the bezels, making them hard to read or discern what you're looking at.

Would it be possible to enable an option to constrain the menus to the center screen to resemble a single screen UI?  I'm ok with the in-game UI being in the corners, but would also like an option to have the in-game UI all on the center screen, if possible.   It's a true first world problem to have it be an actual pain in the neck looking from far left corner to far right corner and everything in between for each menu screen, especially in a time sensitive situation ie. trading, etc. but nevertheless is tiring over the course of many hours.

Another note, the initial loading screen is a 1920 x 1080 image stretched across three screens and looks terrible every time I start the game.  Could we please get a widescreen version of this loading screen or have the image constrain to its native aspect ratio and only fill one?  

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