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Wukong rework first impressions


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8 minutes ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

Or charge their magical hover farts...

That's another reason why I love Pablo's reworks. He gives an explanation to why certain changes and additions were made. What the clem is the reason for hover? Airburst? Making tornadoes bigger? Where's a Zephyr thread so I can lol some more,

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38 minutes ago, DeMonkey said:

Was thinking about how useful the Umbral set is going to be on Wukong

I was thinking about this while playing today. I think from what we saw on the workshop stream, Reb had only a normal intensify mod and was able to achieve high/max armor without even trying hard. I suspect on higher enemies (where you actually need armor) just a couple high level enemies shooting you you will get max armor. We might not even need power strength anymore 😄. Clone hardly needs, it starts at 2x health and is recastable, defy hardly needs, cloud walker doesnt, and primal fury is getting status and damage buffs, might not even need it either. We might not need umbral mods at all

Can't wait to get my hands on him.


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1 minute ago, DeMonkey said:

You say that, but I want to see how high I can make WuClone's health pool. :clem:

Ha, fair enough. I was just wondering from a normal everyday non focused build perspective. The new wukong certainly opens diferent builds possibilities. Strentgh focus for absolute primal fury and Clone madness, Range and duration for a Defy CC and stomp madness. Might even need efficiency for constant clouding now. 

Really excited.

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