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Voice Chat Is Broken :(


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Hi. I have just one question here and that is,

When are you going to fix your problems with voice chat not working?

I rather miss being able to use voice chat to yell warnings and the like to my team mates. I also know that it is not on my end, as I spent a long time going over everything that it could be on my end. I know this is not that big a deal to most people, but it is one of the things I love to have in games myself. So if you could fix it soon I would love that. :D

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Or just use Mumble/Raidcall like 99% of the community has already been doing.

Depending on in-game voice chat isn't necessary.  I still don't know why devs bother with this.

yeah, i don't really know why Developers even have integrated VOIP services. the quality sucks, since bandwidth needs to not be so much it makes players drop or something. most people just sound like a Pyro when using integrated VOIP's. in other games people complain all the time they can't hear me through integrated VOIP's. because i just sound like gibberish. 


personally, i like that it isn't working. 0% chance someone will bother me with that nasty sounding stuff.

(and i like Teamspeak myself :p)

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