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Trading System/resource Stockpile


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I know many people have been asking about some sort of a trading system between players, and i know that DE doesn't really want to implement something like that into the game.  However, I was thinking that they could possibly put something into the game along the lines of a Clan Resource Stockpile.  Something that individual clan members could put resources into that they were not using or maybe for x amount of resources a player earns in game it automatically deposits 1/2 (or what someone determines is fair) of those resources into the stockpile.  Then if new players in the clan or someone needing that extra ferrite or circuits or something can come to the stockpile and withdraw those resources, and it could alert the clan treasurer or something of that sort of the withdrawl.  As people need a larger stockpile to build more resources you could construct a bigger vault or something in the dojo (more construction options for people wishing to expand on the dojo).  DE could possibly implement some sort of economy system for it or just leave it as a sort of honor system where if you withdraw from the stockpile it would be expected of you to return some resources of a different type as "payment".  I am not entirely sure if things like forma or mutagen samples, etc. should be allowed to be deposited into the stockpile, as i think those are something people should earn on their own.  If anyone would like to comment on this post or leave their own ideas it would be much appreciated, thank you very much.

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