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I just got Inaros!



Hello all, i just got the SAND DOOD, Inaros! ‚Ź≥ his abilities are kinda strange so any tips you could give me as to build or ow to stay alive with his ablities would be appreciated ūüôā like, when he dies, it doesn't seem he automatically drains health to revive himself, it seems i gotta target something with that eye thing? I'm not really sure. he doesn't die very often which doesn't give me a lot of opportunities to try it out. Also, his health drain thing doesn't seem to do a lot of healing with just one ability, and his abilities seem to have high energy costs.

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Inaros's passive is pretty mediocre for higher level Targets so just survive and heal and has the need for no shields with a high health pool

1.is a cone shaped blind that can go through walls, using a finisher on blinded targets give back 25% health, for every enemy affected you get a small % a health over time

Use this ability as much as you need the blind increases damage which makes him able to use most weapons for more variety

2 is a hard CC this provides invincibility when devouring a enemy it creates said clones of the target when killed by this ability clones duration depend on how long you devour them only 3 clones can be made

Don't use this ability for the clones it's very useless why have a decoy when you can blind use it to gain health if in a pinch or use it for the i-frames

3. This ability is a sandstorm when used it damages enemies and if they are CC by Devour it will also give you health while devouring 

Use this to spread your 4 around if needed this is also good for reviving allies you can still be killed while using this ability

4 this is a charge and cast ability using health instead of energy for every 25% you get a cast it only goes up to 100 but this also increases armor when cast on an enemy it CC them while applying small amounts of corrosive damage while healing all allies around the enemies

This is good for stopping the enemies while your low on health or just to help the team out when using this ability make sure you fully restore health and armor 

for a build I suggest Corrosive Projection, Vitality, Steel Fiber, Stretch, Primed Continuity, Rage/Hunter's Adrenaline and Streamline you can pick what ever else you need like Adaptation, Mecha Pulse, Mecha Empowered and Overextended strength really isn't needed as much sense Inaros is very duration and range based. And be sure to bring a kubrows or kavat to take advantage of the large health and armor link


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Builds are fairly straight forward. Health, armor, duration, range are your go to stats. Rage or Hunter adrenaline is perfect for energy regen. 

As for abilities, they are straight forward, except his passive and 4.

First the easy one, 4. Hold it to drain HP and give yourself up to 200 armor (100% of your base). Point at an enemy or near them to shoot a blast that covers them in scarabs that ccs, damages, and produces an invisible healing aura.

His passive is extremely potent when fully understood. However it requires a good bit of experience by both inaros and anyone allies. When you go down, you mark enemies within a radius of you. When these marked enemies are damaged, they count towards your revive. You can look at enemies to drag them near you and mark them. You can also drain companions, friendly units, or even other players. Note, I never said inaros himself had to deal damage or kill the enemy. All that has to happen is marked enemies must take damage. So if you manage to get a bleed and gas proc off on a group of enemies right as you go down, they will probably revive you when they die. If you got teammates, they can also deal the damage for you and instant revive you without ever having to take a pause. On the surface it seems weak, with experience you quickly learn that it has insane potential. If you got a kavat or kubrow with link health, if you go down, start eating them. You will rez yourself in a heart beat.

Early on, you will be relying on your 1 and 2 for most healing. Later on with larger groups of enemies, your 4 will let you lock down a huge area healing you and allies while drastically dropping the damage potential of the enemies. Contrary to what it seems, enemies afflicted by your 4 aren't truly stunned and can sneak in some shots from time to time. 

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Don't forget your arcanes-I tried magus elevate but magus repair is really the one you want to get health when you go into void mode. With two magus repair you can get all your health back with a bit of void mode and go right back to whatever it was you were doing.If you are rich you can get an arcane grace and stop worrying about it at all as I've seen how you can go afk and arcane grace will keep you alive usually. Personally I use one magus repair and one magus lockdown now as two magus repair is overkill. If you don't have magus repair you can rely on his 1(especially with a dagger and covert lethality for huge health restore on a finisher),2 and 4 for for health but I usually just use his 1 for CC and just shoot everything. 

I use a smeeta usually as a companion and it's health is over 11000 and is restored when I melee. Inaros is my favorite frame now because there's nothing he can't do and you can even do hijack missions solo. 

You can go max health, but I find that kinda limiting. My Inaros has 6200ish health and I use Physique, handspring, adaptation, armored agility, hunter adrenaline, vigorous swap, stretch, gladiator resolve, umbral fiber, umbral vitality. On the operator I use maxed magus repair and magus lockdown arcanes. I use one maxed out arcane ultimatum to get an armor boost on finishers too. 

If you don't have any of the arcanes you can still use his abilities to easily get health back but I would suggest some grinding for the arcane magus repair at least.  

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Inaros main here! I'll try to provide insight.

As far as Undying goes, the above is correct; It requires two enemies to die while you Focus on them in your sarcophagus. Though Focus drains their Health, you can also have preemptively Bleed/Poisoned them to kill them faster, or focus on enemies that your teammates are already working on. As a bonus, the enemies are rendered helpless and are dragged to your location when you Focus on them while you're downed, making them easier to pick off for your fellow teammates.
Other than that, don't focus on Undying as your main safety fallback. The auto-revival is hard to do in higher levels with no team coordination, so you're better off trying not to die anyways.

In addition, Undying has a secondary effect: All Melee Finisher kills aside from Ground Finishers replenish 20% of Inaros's Health. Stealth kills and vulnerable melee kills count, but finishing off a grounded enemy will not. Killing 4-5 enemies will replenish all of Inaros's health in a pinch. For this reason, people like using weapons with powerful Melee Finisher strength, such as Hammers, or Single Daggers with the Covert Lethality mod.

Synergize the secondary effect of Undying with his first ability, Desiccation. Throw a cone of sand in front of you to curse enemies, mildly draining their Health. Enemies looking at you when you cast this ability will be Blinded similar to Excalibur's Radial Blind or Gara's blinding reflection, stunning them. This ability is spammable and goes through walls; spam this liberally, it's what Inaros is known for. Stunning enemies will put a halt to them, making them immobile and unable to attack while they're still blinded. Take them as easy pickings with your guns, or use Melee Finishers on them to restore even more Health.

The second ability, Devour, has Inaros devouring an enemy, rendering him invincible and hard stunning his target. The target enemy will be incapacitated in quicksand and dragged towards your location, where you can consume them. Use this ability for if you're really in a situation where you cannot heal using Melee Finishers. In addition, enemies killed while Devoured will become clones. Like the above advice, treat the clones as a secondary effect, not the main attraction. What people don't seem to realize is, if Inaros doesn't completely Devour an enemy, nearby teammates can also Devour the enemy for the same invincibility and lifesteal effect. Inaros can also return to a Devoured enemy anytime he wants without having to cast twice. Basically, treat Devour as a way to turn a tough enemy into a healing tower for yourself and your teammates.

The third ability, Sandstorm, is a hard CC tool. Inaros will be unable to use his weapons and has reduced movement speed, but will turn into a sandstorm where enemies are ragdolled, Bled, and thrown into the air. Use this as a kind of panic button for if Inaros is too overwhelmed, and to take pressure off of an objective or point of interest such as a Defense Cryopod, Interception Tower, chokepoints, and fallen teammates. In addition, any enemies under the effects of Devour will also be consumed while inside the Sandstorm, so that you have a way of healing yourself while unable to attack.

Finally, there is no reason to always use your Scarab Swarm. Charge this ability to sacrifice up to 2900 Health to turn into +200 more Armor at 100% Scarab Armor. Not only will this provide as extra armor on top of your naturally tanky nature, but this Scarab Armor will serve as energy for the secondary effect: Tap the ability button while looking at valid enemies to discharge 25% of your bonus Armor into a Scarab Swarm that will infect your target and stun them while rapidly draining their Health. Enemies nearby your target will also become infected for free, and standing near infected enemies will regenerate more Health for every nearby enemy. Basically, fire a Scarab Swarm in a tightly-knit group of enemies, and they will all become incapacitated and become powerful healing towers for yourself and your allies. Sure, this ability consumes Health and a bit of Energy to use, but with your already-godly lifesteal abilities, covering the cost of a measly 2900 Health should be no problem.

As for builds, there is really no way to go wrong with Inaros, whether you build for tankiness or abilities. Definitely equip Rage or Hunter Adrenaline, as Inaros has no Shields and therefore any damage taken will be converted into Health. Vitality and Steel Fiber go without saying, and consider Forma-ing your Aura slot for Physique. As for Arcanes, go with Grace or Guardian for the extra tankiness, and try to get Adaptation when you can for a powerful tank build.

Is Inaros good for every situation? Hell no, he's pretty bad in bossfights, the Index, and such.
Is Inaros good at not dying? You'd be lucky if you actually do manage to die.
Inaros is one of those frames that gets to do whatever the hell he wants, because nothing can kill him easily. I'd say that he's a strong Frame, and an even stronger tank.
If you want a Frame that can take the hits AND throw them back, I'd say go with Valkyr or Nidus. Hope this helped!

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