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Exard Scaffold


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So I know DE will probs never see this but im putting it out there anyway.

Exard Scaffold (Fortuna tier 1 scaffold) needs some work. I personally really enjoy this scaffold for a general use amp. Its got good damage and makes pew pew sounds, all I could ever ask for. The issue im having with it is that the description of it is wrong and thats its too inefficient.

For the description, it says that the scaffold is a burst fire grenade launcher (One would assume this means it is similar to the Grenade launcher Prism (Cetus Tier 3 Prism)) but in actuality it behaves a bit more like Nagantaka alt fire or Grakata Wild Frenzy in that it will expend all available reserves. Now I think that this needs to be changed to say Auto not burst because Burst implies that you fire a handful of rounds to negate recoil, not to expend a whole clip.

As for the inefficiency issue. The thing uses up too much energy per round. 20 to be exact, Now at first it sounds a bit harsh but nothing too bad but when actually using this scaffold, it becomes quite the pain because of how fast the volley is. A few ways I think this could be fixed is A) Make it a true burst and not full clip expenditure. B) Reduce the energy per shot, every reducing it to 10 would be better because then you would not feel obligated to use a brace with more ammo capacity to get some good use out of it or C) Fix the lack of accuracy, This thing is fun but unless your at point blank range or you have some good luck, odds are your gonna miss your target unless the rounds explode next to them. This is what makes the Scaffold kinda unusable, even if one of these things were to be improved I think it would increase the overall usability and fun of this scaffold.


Like I said DE probably wont see this but Hopefully someone does

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