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Soul Punch Is So Fun, It's Almost Criminal


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Gun that shoots a boxing glove on a spring


I was thinking an Air Blast Gun that would use sniper ammo or something. Maybe limit it to 25 meter range, so it doesn't put Soul Punch to shame.



Or a Gun does the job even better.



No no no.. that's bad. I would want a gun that provides a similar gameplay, without making Soul Punch less viable.





But yes, Soul Punch is extremely fun. Even on heavy or high level enemies, I get their health down a bit and then SOUL PUNCH!!!



I sit a safe 40-50 meters away from where the crowds funnel in and blast them away as they enter doorways. It just never gets old.

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1) low-gravity defense

2) 2 Nekros with Energy Siphon, Flow, and Streamline

3) High sniper perch


and viola, Soul Punch Flugtag.


On the note of that, we need a skill exhibition sorta deal, like Flugtag. Like most creative skill combinations or hilarious kills or something.

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