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Devstream 128 tidbit review (problems and bugs)


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So with devstream 128 the main important focus was the Wukong rework, and I have some concerns related to some of the intended reworks.

1. Hair of the king:

The concept is good and thematic, but with how old the Warframe specter AI is and how badly it utilizes current day Warframe parkour, I can't see it being the MOST effective it could potentially be. Still a good concept, but maybe perhaps you should increase the number of clones to at least 2 clones, to make up for their lack of intelligence and overall effectiveness.

2. Cloudwalker:

I don't feel that upping the move speed and slapping on a crit chance bonus on exit will fix this ability at all. At its core, cloudwalker is a bad ability, it is essentially hydroid puddle except it doesn't have any use, where hydroids puddle actually does decent damage and it perma ccs, giving it a crit chance boost on exit doesn't do much when it still has a decently long cast time and you legitimately can't see anything on camera when it is up. Something cloud related that is an actual gap closer for the melee frame would be a better choice in place ofthis ability, not some half baked stealth cloud, and you could even keep the same name. Even if the cloud gave something like an extra +2000% crit chance, I have a feeling only a few people would use it since activating and staying in it makes you purposely take yourself out of the game you're playing to become a damn cloud.

With the Wukong stuff I wanted to talk about out of the way, I found a bug related to...

"Hero moment" finishers:

It was said in the devstream that they were not implemented yet (at least I think), but while fighting in the disruption gamemode, I actually performed one of these finishers (camera angle zoom and all). This is probably a product of the code from various builds accidently being left in and occurring in the new content. From what I could tell the bug happened very rarely as it only happened once, and it also occurred at the wrong time anyway, as it happened while I was still being surrounded by 8 or so enemies. (Its supposed to happen on the last enemy of a group in a fight)

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