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A short idea for a new boss


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(I've talked about this idea already in some way i think but i don't recall comparing it to guitar hero which i think is the absolute perfect comparison. It's mixing a fun challenge (Guitar hero) and animations and visuals (warframe) together)

Fighting this boss would feel like something simular to a game called Guitar Hero where you have to press a certain button in a set amount of time.

This boss will be using rapid attacks every once and a while that will require the player to press either their melee attack, context action, shoot, jump, or roll button quickly. For example one of his combo attacks will have the player needing to jump, melee attack, roll, and melee attack in 3 seconds in order to evade all damage. 

It's simple commands that anyone can follow yet it can get really challenging for those who desire it! I got this idea from playing a game called "assassin's creed syndicate" where all fights are simular to this that im describing. Had a lot of fun in that game and i feel that it's combat system is something every game should have if their objective is to make players "feel" powerful or unstoppable beasts in a way that's easy for anyone to do. In warframe not every fight should be like this but for a boss i think it will be a nice experience!

Do share your thoughts! I'm always curious, criticism or compliments are always welcome

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