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1 hour ago, (PS4)Tomplexthis said:

i had a dream about a tower of babylon once, i tried climbing it, and it fell over. also had tons of dreams about ancient egyptian cities and towns

like a lot of old tech, like egypt was a super advanded technological marvel, those dreams were cool

for dream that dream big as babylon for it crumbles because they try gain the envy of humanity's eye, did you know in the story about babylon they weren't good people for they treated other still like slaves and pretty much try huddle like sheeps and almost had everyone killed the same time because if anyone remember if you build the tower too high they get push by the wind.  Pretty much in the bible they said they were the 1st one invented concrete or either figure out make bricks then it got lost again because due of rebellious heart.  So yea split groups because everyone use to talk the same but now change langues because they don't understand why the reason to be, so they end up going their ways and kill who talk different langues to make their own langues so pretty much that why you can't understand barbaric people in fact they don't have writing but drawings about what they did.


quick boredom poetic

Salt shall be bitter but better as it is

even the honey for it is not like money

for it's taste is like home but yet it is in dome

sweet and bitter for we bare the sweat with our working hands

but yet the truth can be like salty as the sea and sweet as honey

Even Ruth story see love as the doves together

Oh how sweet the sound of love but bit bitter when life come to the end

as relief from death as the dead goes home where they will rest at of their joy.

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1Iam the loser that time forgot
Nobody listens 
Nobody thought
Nobody cares
Nobody's there
Nobody's there
Nobody cares

2When it will happen
My body will rot
Never a reason
Never got caught

3No one to stop me
From falling and falling
Through all of my failing
Through all of my calling
Iam wailing and wailing
Balling and balling

4The end comes near
Nobodies here
The night has come
Nobodies come
Iam all alone
Cold as stone
Time to stone
Deep onto my phone

5I cry and cry
Until I die
Still wide awake
My lies were not fake
I tried to make
A reasonable case
To stay awake
The hour is late
It's time to go
And nobody knows
Where I'll go
With seeds to sow
Only I know
Only you know

6It's far too low
That's The end of us though...


Iam the loser that time forgot

3 9 2021


its been awhile since i posted here, i kinda erased my dumb book, 1169 pages, 431 poems, and then the other 114 on hellopoetry, but i saved the last batch i guess

i just kept erasing them, having brain problems after the blood clot on 1 11 2018, massive memory loss, personality loss, emotional issues, hearing voices, getting dizzy, seeing lights, almost passing out, woo hoo xD, i was going through way too much the past 3 years, and it was nothing, but something, it was weird... i've settled for being no one.

kinda miss my book and poems though. a huge part of me is lost forever

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For what is life worth living, if we give nothing, and take everything.

We have no meaning, until we become the meaning, given life in time.

The world is our oyster, our cage, our freedom, our prison.

All we have is questions, and all we do is search for answers.

But in the end, we never found the answers, to the questions we asked.

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October 2nd 2018.
The Mask We Don.

Nobody knows me
For who iam
All they see
Is a mask made of sand

Isnt it grand
To be a face not a book
For books are easily read
Percepted uniquely by every souls mind

People only see a body
Not you nor your dreams
Though our fleshy heart beats
Who do we hold closest to its heat

One. Many. A few. Or all
The worlds riches.

Greater than the mold it becomes to crawl
For in life we find its weight
The meaning of death. Is No mistake

Carry on into the wind
Alone you say. Not within
For you hear you. You want more
Dont be a box. Let your heart be a door

When someone knocks. What do you see
Ask them the same. Do you truly see me
Together we beat. Together we sing
In true loves moments. Is speaking. Is being together. Over every weather it seems

Your rises and falls. Pauses and clause
Your sins. Your virtues
Your mistakes. That haunt and hurt you
You are only you. If you let you be you

Do we all wish to don the mask of societies inflictions
Benediction betrayal, hates afflicition
Its all about love. But don't lose your way
Keep logic and friendship beside you.
It'll be okay. Hope. Comes back again someday



My brain has become an empty void, i dont even remember me. this sucks

i used to write, i wrote like 429 poems, deleted that book

then wrote another 124 on Hello Poetry, then deleted those

Wrote another 114 after that, and i think i kept those

But i do not make much anymore, cant remember, cant think, cant imagine

just hearing noises, voices, shaking, spazzing out, convulsing, iam basically dead inside, brain dead

i used to live in my head all day, then the blood clot, brought me down here

i used to live in space, in my dreams, daydreams

now all i have is reality, and it. is a terrible place

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