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Waypoints And Other Ideas.


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So, I am doing a rescue mission on one of the Grineer nods in the home system. All is going well... untill I get to a lift... The guy I am rescuing is not wanting to get on... so I have to abort the mission. :(


Wether this is a bug or not, I don't really care ATM. I am hear to give an idea.


We have way points. Waypoints are only really a good thing to us if we are in a team game. I thought it would be nice to have it be able to do a bit more than just that. If you are the host, or in solo play, I think the waypoint should act as a spot for friendly AI to go to. This would fix a lot of little bugs like this without it being a big deal. But it could also open up paths to new mods aswell.


eg. A mod that gives extra XP to players who kill a marked target, or help in the killing of a marked target. This would hopfully help with team work. This would also work for defending things if a friendly is marked.


A mod that makes the sentential take commands, so you can tell it to scout ahead for you.


Just a few ideas there.


Now for my game mode idea...


Working title of Block Ops, the idea would be that, when started, 4 players would enter the map at 4 different locations. They would then have to complete there own objective, witch would help the team as a whole. One player mite have to hack a panel to unlock a door in another location, while someone else is doing a rescue, and another person is tasked with killing so many of the enemy to keep the occupied for the other 3. The 4th member could be tasked with gathering intel via 'capturing' an enemy, and the the info they get would, say, show where all the weapons are kept on the station, at witch point one of the other team members would be re-tasked with going and destroying them, witch would half spawn rates in the mission. Basically, anything one person dose would benefit the other 3 as well as them self. At the end of it, they would all meet up for the final push in to the evac point. Or something. :P



So, yeah.. that's what I got. :)

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