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Loki Buff Suggestions


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Loki(in Mythology means: Shape shifter)

Hes suppose to be a trickster right?


Rather than giving him 1 Decoy, how about giving him 2? Ones for defense, and the other for offense.. and rather than them sitting there they can move around with loki to protect or fight for him? He is utility right, so this wouldn't completely defeat the concept of loki.. Heres some examples of the skill names and stats:


Trickster: Base HP: 200

Armor: 25

Shield's: 100

On Death Effect: On death Trickster has a %? amount chance to AoE stun enemies.


Hoplon(Greek Word meaning Heavily Shielded.)

Armor(Based on Focus): 50


On Death Effect: When Hoplon dies he sends out a great shield, protecting allies within range, or dismantling shields around hoplon. Shield Dismantling based on level of focus.


His 4(Ulti): Loki Summons both clones to fight by his side for x/x/x/x amount of seconds.. once both die, loki gains a buff for 5 secs, revenge. While in revenge loki grants a 50% damage increase on both weapons and skills( Invisibility with this passive will proc, so those crits will be even higher.) the amount of seconds is based on level.


Just something i thought would be pretty cool for loki :), cause he kinda does fall off late game.

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NotBot, on 19 Sept 2013 - 8:16 PM, said:

Loki does fine, he just handles defense poorly.

And any radical changes would make people angry, especially those who got Loki for what he is currently.

Dude, he's freaken redonk, he's got decoy, he's got switch teleport and radial disarm. He's fine!
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his new ult seems like a big nerf in the face

Maybe increasing the clones HP and Armor on ulti activation would help out, and that extra 50% damage on Skills and Weapons? Summoning Trickster while in ulti? Thats 100% damage increase plus he fights for you xD. How is that a nerf?

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I gotta say, as somebody who has played most every frame and only just put together Loki today, I think he's a fantastic frame. Really fun, reasonably effective and super dashing.


Now, that's not to say he doesn't ever need any work done to his skill set, but still. He meshes well with the forward thinking type of player.

Decoy can used and abused in many entertaining and effective ways, even if it is a little weak later on.

Invis is just great, and those orthos charge attack crits are just...delicious.

Switch tele is amazing, even if I primarily use it to pull loki wannabes (ash) off their perch. Stop sniping you noobs. You're welcome.

Radial Disarm is a bit of a let down, I will say. This is probably the biggest area I feel could do with some sprucing up.


A solid 9/10. Would potato again.

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Ooops! I accidentaly upvoted the OP instead of quoting! /facepalm

Now I hate myself...



cause he kinda does fall off late game.

When you say he falls off in late game, what exactly are we talking about here? Because he can take those dangerous guns from lvl200 grineer and corpus and/or be invisible(=invincible) pretty much the whole time. The only thing that should get some attention is the decoy. I like the skill the way it is, but it's true that against high level enemies it dies in like a second so it should have some tweaks to its aggro and durability.


Loki is supposed to be a "stealth" warframe. These new skills contradict that.

Loki is supposed to be able to rearrange the battlefield. Stealth is just a part of his arsenal, not his true purpose. Invisibility isn't his only skill... 

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Hmmm... Loki was my first warframe.


He is awesome at soloing every non defense/survival mission. (Note that he does not need Teleport or Radial Disarm for that)

Because of his long enduring stealth he is a very good melee char. (that stops when poison infested ancients appear) (Note that he does not need Teleport or Radial Disarm for that)


So... for me, he is an awesome melee char with good solo capabilities.


Let's get to the abilities.


Decoy: Nice utility, useful vs infested because they have no ranged units. Not useful vs Grineer or Corpus because they have ranged units and the decoy is down almost immediately.


Stealth: Bread and butter ability. (I'd even say.. the only skill needed)


Teleport: It has some uses, okay.. You can switch positions with somebody who is unable to get to a certain point because he is lacking jump and run skills. You can troll other players for fun. You can teleport somebody out of a poison cloud that he can be revived.

Did you notice something? This skill is only of worth when you play with another player who makes mistakes/ has low jump and run skills. 

This is what makes this skill useless after.. .lets say... planet earth. I am not willing to let this skill in my warframe just to teleport somebody out of a toxic cloud... what is not even supposed to happen. I think the slot is better used for something else. I'd rather pick Laser resistance than Teleport.

My conclusion is that this skill makes Loki less late game efficient. Well skilled players do not need that kind of support.

Ahh.. before I forget.. I refuse to pay energy to get to a place where I can get cheaper.


Radial Disarm: Well.. I don't know what to say about this skill.. If you are soloing Stealth always is the better choice (less energy use, same effect (no dmg income)). If you are in a group.. it only makes sense when you can disable a heavy unit. So one could assume that this skill scales well in the late game.
You want to disable ranged units, right? Ranged units usually are not clumped up like melee enemies. This means, you usually only hit a few enemies. This leads to the result that this ability is not as usefull as it should. Aaaaand as an ulti ability.. It is really poor, compared to others ultis.

For my style it is more useful to go into stealth mode and melee the heavy unit out of it's life. Usually staggering does the job aswell.


I love Loki and maybe we will marry one day =) .. but his 3rd and 4rth skills are crap in my eyes..

Suggestions? Hmm.. replace switch teleport completely with something... I would love to have something that brins me into melee range.. but other warframes already have skills like that. The speed up skill is used by an other warframe.. the jump skill...

So if we can not get more mobility, some damage would do fine. Or control.


Radial Disarm could the the ranged weapons explode so it would deal dmg/stun/cc. I would be fine with that.

But how in the world can Loki rearrange the battlefield? I am happy for any suggestion. Except for sniping heavy units in stealth.. That is what I do at the moment. I hope they did not mean the physical rearrange (teleport stuff).

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But how in the world can Loki rearrange the battlefield? I am happy for any suggestion. Except for sniping heavy units in stealth.. That is what I do at the moment. I hope they did not mean the physical rearrange (teleport stuff).

First of all, both switch teleport and radial disarm are great skills.


Now, to your question about rearranging the battlefield:

-Decoy moves melee enemies to a spot of your choice. That's battlefield rearrangement.

-Switch teleport (other than being awesome with decoy to move almost anywhere you want, giving you battlefield advantage) can get teammates out of trouble (like getting downed teammate out of poison cloud), can switch toxics away from pod, etc. Again, rearranging the battlefield. 

-Radial Disarm makes all ranged grineer/corpus switch to melee and switching off Ospreys. Great combo with decoy and/or bastille. Again rearranging the battlefield to the way you want it (with Decoy for example)

It also has a very good range, especially when combined with Stretch and Swindle helmet. (thanks to his other 3 skills you can safely position yourself in the best spot for disarm). The best thing about it though, is that it doesn't matter if your enemies are lvl50 or lvl500 it'll do the same thing to all of them.


The only weakness in the Decoy & Disarm combo is the Decoy as it tends to go down quickly if not protected (by invisible melee Loki for example)


Loki has 4 skills. And all 4 skills are great and synergise together better than any other frame's abilities.

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