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LOLyst aplty named due to several bugs

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Beginning phase- amp his shield off flies over to all three towers and ignites them

Gets stuck in a loop of doing the fire beam animation but wont fire beam to ignite tower

Tenno getting stuck either in frame or out of frame

Blank screen repeating (like when you fall off) and it's doing it while you walk, when you go to jump for the exit, when you go to jump on the wires

Flydolon gets stuck at main platform shooting small lasers and light balls and wont move to towers unless you rider him there

One shots that shouldnt be happening.  9365 HP Inaros getting one shot by adz

Electrified wires not happening most of the time

Endless fall animations when not falling off.

There's more but these were in just 4 runs. PUG with 4, 2 Friends only runs with 1 other person and 1 solo mission

It's a great mission... or would be if it worked as intended.

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