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[Idea] - Craftable Void Keys - Void Augmented Missions with Random Affixes


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Craft keys that may have multiple augments to change up game-play and travel through conduit gates to new tile-sets with an augmented boss at the end with decent rewards. Craft keys with resources, re-roll an augment using 'Void Traces'. With the intention on this being randomized content on randomized tile-sets with enemies as such, DE could leave in the 'old' areas inside the 'play-list' as extra content. The content could be varied enough so that some keys would be completed quickly with reasonable standard rewards but also scale up quite high to be a challenge with excellent rewards.

Keys can be crafted using resources; the higher the resources 'value' or 'rarity' the more potent the augment is added which increases the difficulty and reward scaling.
The original 'blueprint' is obtained by completing an Orokin Derelict or Void story mission offered by 'Cephalon Simaris' who asked you to investigate an anomaly he detected. <this could be changed out to another character>
The Blueprint only needs to be collected once
Or not, this could be the same as Arbitrations; no lore.

[Crafting the Key]
A separate 'device' is forged for the Orbiter where the player can dump resources in order to create a key
The rarity and volume of resources directly influences the augments added to the key
There is no restriction on resource type with the one exception being plat (no plat)
    - Creation of 'secret formulas' could be implemented to create 'interesting' keys

[Example Crafting of Key]
10000 Alloy Plate - Influences the Base Level of the Enemies
5000 Circuits - Influences the scaling window of the Primary Weapon damage Increase
5 Control Module - Influences 'something?' 
10 Orokin Cell - Influences the percentage amount of Ducats to Drop from Non-Boss Enemies
5000 Salvage - Influences 'something else?'
5000 Nano Spores - Combined with Plastids causes Enemies to Explode on Death causing Slash Damage
5000 Plastids - Combined with Nano Spores, the total amount of both influences the scale of damage done by Slash

-Once Key is crafted, players can choose 1 augment to 're-roll' using Void Traces
    -Upon 're-rolling' an augment, players can continue to 're-roll' that single augment as many times as they want, costing the same amount of Void Traces
    -If the player feels the key is poor and they wish to 'trash' it, they can select an option to dismantle the key and get 75% of the base materials back. Or 100%?
[Easter Egg Key]
10 Forma
100 Argon Crystals
1000 Orokin Cells
-Result: Vor.
    - All enemies have the appearance of being Vor and all mini bosses are Corrupted Vor and the Final Boss is both Corrupted Vor and Vor but scaled in size to be 300% larger. Vor wields dual Seers and has 200% Fire Rate. Corrupted Vor does Void Damage only.
-Reward: Vor Noggle, Seer Blueprint, Vor Poster, Corrupted Vor's speech sent to your mail and played when you open it.

100 Mawfish
100 Sharrac
100 Karkina
100 Murkray
100 Norg
100 Cuthol
100 Glappid
-Result: Rampaging Konzu
    - All non-boss enemies have the appearance of being Konzu. The final boss is a very large Konzu that shoots fish at you.


[Example of Crafted Key]
Key is crafted with the following Example Augments:
    - Base level of all Enemies start at level [20]
    - Primary Weapon Augment: [Critical Damage] increased by [400%], but [Non Critical] Damage is [reduced] by [100%].
    - Secondary Weapon Augment: [Head-shots] do damage, but [all other] Damage is [reduced] by [100%].
    - Melee Weapon Augment: [Damage] Increased by [1000%], but [Attack Speed] is reduced by [70%].
    - Enemies have [100%] [more] [health] and [all damage] done is now [Viral].
    - Boss Enemies [deal 200%] [more] [damage] and [all damage] done is now [Radiation].
    - Enemies [explode] [on death] dealing [Slash] damage within a radius of [10] meters
    - [Credit] drops are [increased] by [25%]
    - [Resource] drops are [increased] by [27%]
    - There is a [2%] chance for [Ducats] to drop from [Non-Boss Enemies]

[Example Key Mission]    
The player (or host) selects the 'Void Key' event.
Player(s) spawn into a randomly selected tile-set which is restricted to 4 to 6 'rooms'
- A 'dice' is rolled to determine how many mini boss 'tile-set rooms' before a 'final boss room'
During the fight towards the last room, enemies are trivial; this is to 'warm up' the player(s) and to 'stock up' on resources (energy)
- Enemies on this 'map' do not respawn
At the end of the first set of rooms, there is a device that is activated using a key equipped by a player
The 'Void Key' menu appears for all players where they can show their keys and each of the players can 'vote' on the key to use.
Once the key is used, it is 'locked'
- Should there be a disconnect, rewards are lost and the key is returned.
A portal appears and player(s) have 30 seconds to enter the portal
Player(s) spawn into a new random tile-set with the chosen 'Void Key' augments
Player(s) fight their way through to the 'mini boss' room
- Killing the 'mini boss' will activate the conduit
A portal appears and player(s) have 30 seconds to enter the portal
Repeat based on the 'dice roll' in order to progress to the 'final boss' room
- Each new tile-set scales the enemies up while still applying the Key's Augments
Player(s) spawn into either a random 'fixed' boss encounter room(think of Keyla or Alad V), or a random tile-set area with a 'boss' character
Upon killing the boss, a final portal appears where players have 30 seconds to enter
Players would spawn into a 'lobby' map where an extraction point is available
Receive rewards, 'spend' the chosen 'Void Key' and Exit

Non Boss Enemies by default drop standard loot and mods, based on the tile-set and enemy type (and level)
Mini Boss Enemies by default drop any loot from 'boss' loot tables
Final Boss Enemies by default drop Endo, Rare Mod, Credits with a chance to obtain a random reward from the rare shiny caches
Key Completion Loot by default is the same as completing a Sortie
    -This could be only for the player who's key was used, so it encourages players to use their own keys and not just everyone else's.
Other Loot could be very large amounts of standard resources for more Key creation
Loot drops can be further augmented by the 'Void Key' itself
 - Loot Failsafe consideration:
    - Loot from the previous mini boss or final boss could be awarded as a cache inside the spawn room of the 'next tile-set'


[End Note]
I feel like I've over explained some areas and that I may have created something a bit too complex, but I'll try and explain the essence of the idea.
I don't play Warframe that much because there is no meaningful filler. Meaningful as in, the loot rewards and the activity itself becomes boring and tedious. The 'Void Keys' idea are a way to not only vary up the enemies, but also vary up the way you play or what you choose to run with. If you get an augment that only does damage on head-shots, you need to think about your build. Riven challenges were an OK but had no other reward other than unveiling the Riven itself, and the Nightmare mission mode is also a good start, but I feel it needs to be pushed further. I could see this as being great group content, as well as solo content that acts as filler, in those times where there content on the way and/or between those times where there is a 'content drought'. I don't feel like this could be considered 'End-Game' content, but it might be something interesting to do, as I am not one of those people who wants to, or likes to sit in Endless missions where the rewards aren't much better.
Think 4 man dungeon based on Diablo's Greater Rift feature, paired with the Path of Exile 'map-mod' system, but with Warframes.

Some of the examples are silly, but this is a video game after all, and they are meant to be fun. I'm not really having much fun with Warframe outside the first few days while maxing out a new warframe.


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