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What Frame and Weapon should i be getting at rank 8



Hit rank 8, 2 days ago and i've been trying to find a good frame for running solo missions (survivals and such) and Eidolon hunts.Started builing Revenant and i have a Chroma prime and Excal umbra atm

Also i was wondering if any rank 8 primary (sniper) can be picked up and used efficiently against the Eidolonds


EDIT: I meant survivals and other endless runs 

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There is absolute no connection between MR and the frame (except minimum requirements of MR2? sometimes)

19 minutes ago, ArkinKain said:

a good frame for running solo missions (survivals

Quite a few. Nekros, Hydroid and Khora making it easier since they have abilities (Desecrate) or Augments to get additional loot/life support. But you can also go for 200 minutes with an Inaros i.e.

19 minutes ago, ArkinKain said:

and such)

what is "and such"? 

I like Limbo for most content if I need to be fast/easy. Inaros is more a braindead frame.

For higher defenses are frames like Volt/Saryn/Equinox way better due to higher kill potential though...

As for Excavations/M-Def I prefer Frost. I have more control over the target than with Limbo.

19 minutes ago, ArkinKain said:

rank 8 primary (sniper)

Don't have their MR in mind and too lazy to look it up.

Meta is like: Lanka > Rubico Prime > Vectis Prime > Rubico > Vectis ( ">" means better ). Pick the one you can craft/get

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