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K-Drive & Archwing chat


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warframe got the nerfy of the nerf on the archwing itzal which it is sad but K-Drive still stinks but they have some uses while being on the ground which I find funny truth for they help me look for these stupid annoying thing


They are still hard to spot them and if your using rhino you don't have to rely on running speed and using the archwing make things way harder which perspective view it made it harder to see these things on the ground which they will blend in the background of the ground.  Until I use K-drive to spot them faster plus some odd reason they have higher dodge rate then archwing so far I to believed...  Anyway The K-drive still need that moment to talk about it which I agree with Triburos



At the time being, I like his idea still about still putting a weapon on it which I would like it still these K-Drive to get spike weapons to ram enemies still.

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