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Suggestion: Dynamic Evaluation of Manual Block Eligibility


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Yeah, I hate that title, too. But it's accurate.

With the advent of the new Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp, I was curious about how the system functioned regarding deciding whether the user can manually block - if the user was disarmed of all but their melee weapon, would they be able to manually block, allowing for a little more fluidity with, say, Javlok and a S&S weapon, allowing for more proactive use of Guardian Derision?

No, apparently it's set at mission start, and never changes, regardless of potential changes to the availability of weapons mid-mission.

Get disarmed by a Drahk Master, leaving you with only a melee? Can't manually block, but you probably won't notice - you're under attack as it is. Thrown your spear gun and don't have a secondary for some reason? Still can't block. Out of ammo for everything you brought, somehow? Still no.

So, my suggestion is this: Instead of setting the flag at mission start and never checking it again, check when RMB is pressed for whether a gun is available. If a gun is available and has ammo, switch to it. If a gun is not available, block. If a gun is available but doesn't have ammo, block. Alternately, maybe just give us manual blocking back in some way, instead of insisting on arbitrary weirdness.

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