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What direction or improvements DE should make for the Operator?


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Operator mode is totally different and better from what it used to be. We went from having a giant death beam coming out of the Operators chest to walking around with our own custom beam weapons and arcanes. But this isn't the end of Operators! There is still much to improve on for the Operators to become the death machines the Sentient fear. I want to hear your suggestions, feedback, and give my own suggestions for what direction Operators should go to improve themselves.


Hear me out here: I was thinking to give Operators the full range of movement of old Warframe when it in about Update 17 or so, with the double jump that doesn't look like hes going "yeepie" everytime, actual crouching, better sprinting, rolling, basic climbing, wall running up and along the wall, climbing on cables and sliding on them, and sliding it self that is controllable and not just stiff or fixed. The inclusion of a stamina bar is highly debatable, but just give them a wider range of movement that isn't as clunky as right now that ofter makes you feel vulnerable.

Now you may be attached and already used to the movement system and the use of the Void Mode, Void Dash, and Void Blast and so on, and you may not want to get rid if it (because they are pretty cool tbh), but a new movement system doesn't have to replace the old entirely. I suggest to keep the Void powers as abilities, Void Dash as the 1, Void Mode as the 2, and Void Blast as the 3, in addition I'd like to bring back something that a lot of people were fond of back in the day, and it's the Void Beam that came out of the Operators chest and make it their 4th ability.

You may be asking yourselves what about the melee button if Void Blast is now a cast ability? Well, DE has answered my calls before (or they were working on it already when I suggested it for the PoE update) and they allowed us to make Void Amps, so you might know where I'm going with this: Operator Melee Weapons. It would be a step in the right direction to give Operators the ability to use melee, but I don't want to stop there, because what if the Operator could only use unconvential melee weapons like Machetes, Staves, Daggers, and other weapons types that have lost their traction with down-to-earth stances and combos. I'm thinking it would popularize and give use to those kind of weapons that we've forgotten in favor than others, and while they may not shine as Warframe weapon, they are a unique touch and addition to Operator. Maybe Swords, Nikanas, and Nunchakus can be included into the roster too, but these are already a bit overused and overdone, and the design on some of them are a bit unreal and really out there for just the Operator to be able to use.


What do you guys think? I want to hear what y'all got and what you have to say: Upvote this, make it get traction, let DE see this and put it into work for a future update.

Make Operator Great Again.

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