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Invasion at ropalolyst node freezes the game


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If i can like to play the new boss fight to farm Wisp. This happen.

First i search the mission. Is in Juppiter next to Ganimedes.


but in that side, it's look like i go to farm Nyx

Later i click to select the mission


and then... if i like to enter the mission... this happen


(With much flashlight and every moving).

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13 minutes ago, DrakonSan said:

Attempting to join a Ropalolyst Assassination Invasion with the node not previously cleared presents the following and softlocks the game.8hWOcsg.jpg

It's not just for players who haven't cleared the node already. I've already done the (normal) Ropalolyst fight several times and I got stuck on the same screen.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me, I was about to report it until I saw your thread.

That bug, forces you to leave the game forcibly, since you can not leave it and you have to yes or yes restart the game.

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Same problem, with exactly the same UI weirdness in DrakonSan's screenshot. After force-quitting, I tried it again just to make sure it wasn't a singular glitch, and it happened again. When I mentioned this, a clanmate tried it and also had to force-quit. Looks like it's a pretty consistent problem.

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Also had the same bug. GUI is all glitched, and game is soft locked.

Pressing "Show Profile" under your icon plays the sounds, but nothing appears. Pressing escape afterwards just plays the sound of closing the window, though nothing changes.

Chat still works.


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