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Bug: Ui Freezing After Leaving Dojo And Clicking Foundry


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Every time now I leave dojo and I click foundry the detailed list freezes. Only visibible the side bar (my items in inventoty) and the list is missing.

Then if I click something else, like arsenal, then thats it, I can't get out of that window, exit doesn't work, escape doesn't work.

I have to completely close the application alf+f4 and restart, log off not working either, the stuff freezes onto my screen.

This happened with me every time I left dojo in the past 3-4days.

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i get the same bug doing the same, but it also stops me seeing what the missions are, i can pick one still but it doesn't show how many people are there, and shows the wrong mission name


this bug also happens to me sometimes when i check what keys i have then leave the screen, gotta close the game to sort it


only since U10 for me

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I have the same issue, my friend does as well. it's often from the Foundry but occasionally from the Arsenal. Mouse still works but I have to Alt-F4 and close the program down. I then have to end the process in task manager to restart. Game is through Steam.

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