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"consumable Gear" Improvements


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The new gear, especially clantech ones, are pretty darned useless. There are two major flaws with them at the moment;


-Not really acessible when they are needed the most; low levels.

-Too much hassle for too little use. They should come in batches.


Staying with "Totem Mentality" there are way better possible uses for them, I'd like to list a few that I would like to see;


Add Old Items To Foundry


They worked fine, they did their job. Their removal was uncalled for and buying them one by one was a pain, but with moving "Items" as a whole to Foundry opens up possiblity to act as both resource and common resource sink by making their blue prints craft them in batches. With blueprints that create 5 or 10 of them at once in an hour or less is a sound invesment for both beginners or high level players alike.

I propose following item bps added to foundry;


Primary Weapon Ammo Box: Uses Mercury-Venus resources and Credits to create 5 ammo boxes that refills Half Of Primary weapon ammo.

Secondary Weapon Ammo Box: Same as Primary Weapon Ammo Box, perhaps slightly cheaper.

Ciphers: Might as well come back, batches of 5 were good enough. They are not really needed so they can be 3 Circuits + 5 Salvage + 500 Credits for kicks.

Basic Survival Kit: Uses Mercury-Venus resources in similar quantities to Ammo Boxes, practically that old market kit, Gives 3 Small, 2 Large, 1 Team Heals and 2 Shield Boosters.

Advanced Survival Kit: Uses Resources from Level 15-30 ranges, gives 3 Large and 3 Team Heals.


But why there are different items in each "Kit"? Simple, to make players get used to using "Consumables", all of those above will be phased out with the new stuff on high levels. These help new players "Survive" long enough to afford and need "new" consumables over old ones. Also why half of the ammo? To make "new" stuff even more attractive while not rendering Ammo Boxes entirely useless. I didn't need two boxes with Shred + Speed Trigger Supra in absurdly high levels without mutator on, and just can't recall ever needing more then one box in any other weapon(except Dual Viper, but then again even 8 boxes are not enough for those)


Make Market "Totems" Temproray Auras


Rename "Restores" to "Boosters".

Market bought consumables are just plain useless especially compared to old items. While the idea is to make players stick together and healing is a great way to do this, making everyone stay near the darned thing for while is not. Instead make the user act like a Healer Ancient for the duration. This will make everyone move and stick together at the same time.


Ammo, Health, Energy, Shield And Stamina Auras: Makes whoever used the item pulse like Healer Ancients with corresponding color. With a radius of 15-30 meters they would make players stick together and keep moving at the same time.


Also make them come in batches, buying consumables one by one was a pain. Crafting them one by one honestly is the reason I won't ever craft another one other then the ones I crafted for testing. So yeah, I only crafted one of each to see how they work and have no plans of crafting more.


Make Clan "Consumables" Long Lasting Totems


Rename "Medium x Restores" to "x Totems".

Clan stuff should not only be better, well they don't even need to be better, but different to get people into clans. So Clan stuff should be what current "Totems" are. There are very few but highly popular modes where they can see real usage, defence and survival. And to be honest most people are grinding for keys and then chain-share them with their friends and the best way to do it is being in a clan. So Clantech should trade mobility for range and better refills in each tick, which brings the tactial problem of "When and Where" to use them, while regular stuff is just "Pop them whenever".


As with the rest unless they come in batches they might as well not exist.


New Consumble suggestions;

Stuff I just had to share with internets.


Hack Shock (Shack!): Placed on any panic button (used near one? systems are wireless and can be used anywhere?), first enemy to interract with any of the consoles on the map is stunned for awhile and a minimap ping appears where the console that was triggered. Great failsafe for the players stealthing. I'm not one of them but I feel for them.

Stamina Booster: Personal item, when used players stamina doesn't drop for a while, when timer runs out stamina is set to zero, should be Clantech.

Drone Revive: Costly item that revives all ded drones of the team.


By the way, did I mention current and proposed items just doesn't worth the effort as long as they are crafted/bought one by one?

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I actually suggested some very similar items to replace the classic ammo boxes. Here's what I think would qualify as "balanced" gear for both beginners and experienced players.


>Small Ammo Box (x5), 250 credits: A bundle of 5 ammo boxes that, when activated, restore 25% of your weapons' max ammo over 8 seconds. You cannot use another box until the first box finishes the replenishing process. Restoration effect applies to all members of your squad.


>Small Med-kit (x5), 250 credits: Bundle of 5 med-kits that restore 25% of you max health over 8 seconds


>Medium Ammo Box (x5) Blueprint, 1000 credits: Blueprint used to create a bundle of 5 ammo boxes that restores 50% of your max ammo over 14 seconds. Uses same building materials as team ammo restore.


>Medium Med-kit (x5) Blueprint, 1000 credits: Blueprint used to create a bundle of 5 med-kits that restore 50% of all teammates' max health over 14 seconds. Uses same building materials as team health restore.


I do like the idea for the boosters too. Just as long as we remove the "stand around and do nothing for 30 seconds for less than a quarter of your health and ammo" aspect. I mean I seldom used ammo boxes and health kits even before their nerf, but now their just horrendously bad. Not to mention they're not noob-friendly at all. 5,000 credits, resources, the foundry's bad UI, all to stand around for half a minute for 120 rifle bullets or 120 health. What an investment.

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