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Update10. Powercreep Is Taking Over The Game!


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Ok so a lot of ppl are whining about new weapons beeing too strong compared to the old ones. I want to ask you something. Do you want the gun that requires 2 forma 15k salvage and frikkin 6 days (mutagen sample production + research) to be just as good as the braton u can buy for 10k credits? If the answer is yes, pls stop reading right here.
Most of the people are complaining because a they can't handle other players having stronger weapons than they have not even if they worked for it and are higher lvl than them.

If the weapon requires a lot of materials and a lot of time and / or work to be acquired like certain prime weapons or the clan stuff then it SHOULD be better than other weapons that u can aquire without big effort . If every single weapon would be viable (and none of them would be an upgrade compared to each other) then there would be a severe lack of progression in the game. Why even bother going into the dojo and research everything when my bought weapons or the ones I get rly easy are just as good?

Maybe they could add certain "traits" for weapons to stop making weaker tiers redundant for players who have max tier weapons. Or add something like "Upgrade 1,2,3" for low mastery rank weapons, so if u lvl them up enough and get enough exp with them I am not speaking of rank 30 only but certain requirements like 5.000 kills, X headshots or time played etc.

Once those requirements are met they could allow a certain "upgrade" for that weapon, maybe even letting the player decide the path of the upgrade if they would rather go dmg, accuracy, clip etc. <-This idea was taken from another thread about weapon upgrades. However I can't  find it anymore so I can not link it here. (If I see the thread again I will put in the link here).

Balancing weapons could be done with the mastery rank, as they said in the livestream (soma is obviously too strong for mastery 3, so make it require rank 8-10) or they could increase the materials the weapons need, don't put something like the soma in the marketplace. Tho I'm well aware that weapons like this boost DE's income because impatient people will buy them for plat and I can see  this beeing a good reason to put them there they need to get money from somewhere after all so they can keep developing.

I am not trying to say that every update released should contain weapons that are outclassing every other piece of gear out there that existed before that update. But I am trying to say without stronger weapons there is no goal for people to work with. DE could re-visit every weapon and give a "point rating" for things like dmg, crit, dps, etc. and start placing the weapons in some sort of "table". That way they could set a max ammount of points and keep weapons balanced.
I don't know if any of those systems would work but they might be worth looking at. Also I am not 100% sure if i should post this on the gameplay feedback or weapon feedback, if someone thinks it is the wrong forum I would appreciate if the thread could be moved.


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It's really not worth the effort of the DE team to go ahead and balance the weapons much at the moment now anyway, with the armor/resistance changes coming later on. After that is taken care of, I'm sure you'll see many weapon stats shifted around. Its only logical.

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the things is that every weapon should do something different, not just "more power".


the solution is mastery locked weapons in any case, not "forma" for building them or new rare and hard to get materials.


i still , for example, cant get anything interesting for my level 12 mastery rank, maybe starting focusing on that?


and if you need more and more powered weapons is because the game is still UNBALANCED, thats why nekros seems underpowered, for naming one frame, because nova and is megabomb are still a must for higher levels, unbalanced gameplay again.


you are missing the point of the whining my good sir....

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Power creep is everywhere, it seams that people like it so your'r thread will not change that.

Another "title only" reader. Thats an ok trait actually, because most forum dwellers doesn't know how to read at all, they only know how to write /mostly nonsense/.


As for OP, tiering all weapons is inevitable for this game further evolution. Nevertheless, we have to wait till Armor revamp.

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