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Best / Meta plague zaw?



i know, shame on me, i'm a meta slave, i should kill myself for being a stupid sheep, yada yada yada...

So, i've been looking up a bit on youtube, but couldn't find anything recent less than 8 months, and i don't know if all of this is still relevant to this day, so... here is my question.

What's the best actual plague zaws your can build?

if you want to take the time to write me a little guide of what you think could be the best zaw components to use to make one, or several different plague zaw, i would be extremely happy! or if you don't, but have a video defining them that you think is still relevant to this day, i would gladly take it, too!!

i'm of course asking the peoples who know zaws very well and would know if such videos or things could still be relevant.

Heading off to bed, seeing your answers tomorrow, thank you, and good night!! ^^

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