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Lightning Gun


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We have laser guns, guns guns, poison guns, beam guns, coil guns, saw guns, flame guns etc., but we don't have a gun that shoots lightning.


I'm just putting the idea out there, a lightning gun. Most probably a tenno weapon seeing how neither faction can be associated with lightning(corpus may be associated with electricity, but not lightning itself).




When the player fires the weapon and mouseovers an enemy, the lightning latches on and deals damage as long as the button is pressed.

Player can mouse over multiple enemies in the meantime and deal damage to all of them at the same time.

Note: Put a limit on the number of enemies lightning can latch on. Say 3 or 5.

Mouseovering additional enemies past the maximum count will not yield new arcs as long as the previous enemies are alive.

Gun obviously has a maximum range at which the lightning just drops to the ground.


Add a cool sound effect of a thunder when a new arc of lightning is formed, for each enemy, and a buzzing sound while the enemy is being zapped.

Certain enemies like Grineer troopers and Corpus crewmen get stunned while under the effect of lightning.

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The synapse is supposed to be a lightning gun.

"Powered by a bio-chemical reaction, the infested SYNAPSE rifle fries it's targets with a steady stream of electricity."


I can't wait to get it :D

Probably gonna be the same thing as the ignis but with lightning

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Pretty sure in the clan research we have an infested gun thats lightning.

Yeah, haven't seen it yet so maybe that's that.


I'd still like to see a tenno version of a lightning gun, something mechanical. Not everyone likes organic matter.

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