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Amalgam Heqet Freezing Warframe


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Yesterday I encountered a frustrating bug in the new disruption game mode. Whenever an Amalgram Heqet snuck up on me and created a copy of me, I would get stuck unable to move or perform any sort of actions whatsoever.
I have two screenshots of that bug here: https://imgur.com/KshbESWhttps://imgur.com/0zeClR8

I find this a very disruptive bug, but I am unsure what caused it, because while I was fighting the Ropalolyst with my friend before that I was able to move around and fight perfectly fine even when I had a Heqet make a spectralyst copy of me, as seen here:https://imgur.com/4hEkgJb


Please look into this bug and resolve it as soon as possible. 

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I haven't been playing for a while (like 2- months?) and when I came back yesterday I started having BIG freezes randomly.

It always happens on missions with that new amalgam-enemies when I move too fast or sth. Screen just freezes but I do hear what happens and I'm even able to move and cast skills/attack blindly (saw it on the screen of the other player). The worst thing is that happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm on the one of Jupiter's new missions so I'm almost unable to farm resources for Wisp. Hope it will be fixed soon.

(I have never before encountered such a problems in WF btw)

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