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Warframe Idea - Koroshi-Ya (Gunslinger)


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Hi, I had the idea of a gun based Warframe for a while.


Ninjas will specialize in any weapon the enemy is using so it should fit fine with the rest of the game since everybody but the infested use "guns". The new derelict set made me kind think a bit more on it.



Frame would be heavy armour frame, would have to have guns integrated into frame, similar to Ash’s blade storm. It would be good if all of these powers could use equipped weapons, but this would require a lot additional work and is not really practical due to differences in weapons.


In terms of looks I imagine a very old looking Warframe, almost like one of the very early versions, very mechanical looking, before they were refined into what they are now. Guns could be mounted in the forearms, (was thinking 3 barrel Gatling guns for some reason) or can be pistols that are integrated & detach from the frame.


Rough Stats:

Health – 100 (300 Rank 30)

Shields – 50 (100 Rank 30)

Armour – 220-250


Sprint Speed - 1


Powers - 


Power 1 - Explosive Round:

Single shot with blast after short delay, Dam 300/400/500,  ragdolls enemies within 1/2/3 meter radius of target.


Power 2 - Reactive Armour:

Armoured shell which give 40/60/80% dam reduction, deals explosive damage to melee attackers & causes incoming fire to ricochet and with chance to hit enemies. (duration 20/40/60 seconds or 1800 damage, whichever comes first)


Power 3 - Hold the Line:

Burst of energy that increases fire rate by 40%/50%/60% and adds 1m/1.5m/2m puncture damage to all team members within range for 10/20/30 secs.


Power 4 - Bullet Hail:

A rapid gun Kata spin which sends a hail of bullets in a 360 arc hitting all enemies within range. (Dam 1000/1200/1400)


This is just some rough ideas I came up with, the second power is a little "iron skin" like, but I tried to make it a bit different. I Like the idea of an older, more ancient style frame & ninja gunslinger IMO fits pretty well with the game, Some of the powers I was thinking more of "end game" type power so may be a bit "OP",  please share you thoughts.





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how about the fourth ability , lead rain , like using all of the guns mounted on its body , it fires streams of bullets in the direction which u are pointing too , like a uni-beam but u can move only the torso , so its like aim and fire , i think it can be sth from freedom gundam or the bullet type op gundam from endlesswalts , those types , bullet damage will scale with fusion , and wil fire till 100 energy is consumed or a given time ... that shld do it , and by the way the bullets shld be armour piercing or armour ignore

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