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[Switch] [Ghost] The GGs (New clan, open to everyone!


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Heya! Welcome to The GGs, the funkiest clan in the System! The GGs is an inclusive clan for everyone. Young or old, casual or serious, MR1 Volt or MR26 Chroma, all are welcome.

My aim as the creator of The GGs is to create a truly inclusive clan where everyone belongs. The GGs is an LGBTQ-inclusive clan! No homo/transphobia is allowed here. Nobody wants bigotry in a game that brings people together.

 We’re currently working on establishing our Dojo’s structure and labs. Thus, we don’t have any research done as of right now, but we aim to get research done ASAP. Our overall goal is to be ready for Railjack when it releases!


Want to join this small but awesome clan? Shoot me a message on here or Discord (Nightslash360#1837) and I’ll invite you! Have a good day, and stay fresh!

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