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Vitality And Redirection Heavilly Bugged


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Today, my boyfriend informed me of a rather bad bug he has discovered relating to redirection and vitality.

This bug seems to differ depending on the warframe used. As an example:


On rhino, redirection does as it is supposed too, increasing his shield by a percentage, however, vitality, instead of increasing his health by a percentage, it increases his health by the flat number shown. For example, my vitality says +280%, however it only adds 280 health. going from 300 too 580 health, instead of 840 which it should be, according to the mod description.


My boyfriend also tested this on ash, where it is opposite.

On ash, vitality does as it is supposed too, increasing health by a percentage, in this case 320%.

Redirection, however, instead of adding 280% shield as it says, it adds 280 shield, going from 300 too 580 shield, instead of, again 840 shield as it should be accroding to his mod's description


and i also tested this on nova, on her, none of the mods work properly, redirection not even adding 280 shield, it adds 210 shield, and vitality ads 280 health, instead of the percentage, going from 300 health to, again, 580, when it should be 840. and shield goes from 225 too 435 shield, instead of 630 as it should be with +280%.


We have yet to test this with other frames. But currently, these two mods seem to be extremely bugged.


Never mind this, we didn't know how it worked.



Steel fiber might also be bugged, as it shows no armor increase on the stats screen.

We would like others to test this as well to see if this only affects us, or if it is indeed a big bug in the game.


PS. It seems that certan warframes might "contract" stats from other warframes when you switch them, as right now, my boyfriend's rhino gained ash's base health, meaning that he has both 450 health and shield base.

These stats are not tied to the stats screen, as they are, in fact, physical changes to the game when going into a mission.

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The way Vitality and Redirection work are intended, and are as such:


These mods increase your HP/Shields by a percentage of YOUR BASE AMOUNT, which is, the amount the frame has when unranked.


So, for example, Rhino would notice a flat increase as his starting HP is 100.


Hope this dispells confusion.

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Um.....vitality and redirection gives bonus hp/shield based on the base stats of warframes.

Which means their stats on lv 1. Im pretty sure that ash had 100 base shield and rhino had 100 base hp. So it should be adding the same numbers as the percentage.

Nova has 75 shields as base stat. So it also fits to the calculation.

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It's not a bug, vitality and redirection increase the base health and shields a warframe has at level 0, while it levels up a warframe increase his health and shields but this increase does not affect redirection and vitality. Energy and flow are the same.

Maybe instead of saying health 300, energy 145 and shield 450 it could specifiy in the inventory health 100+200, energy 100+45 shield 150+300.

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