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Ember rework suggestion


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Ember should get a rework to her passive and some buffs to her abilities

Passive: Ignition

When u receive a heat proc u recover 10 energy per sec and receive 35% power strength boost for as long as it on fire

This I quite hard to get unless u go out of ur way to waste a primary or secondary slot to set urself on fire

I propose there should be a thermometer  so the more ember uses her abilities the hotter she gets at a certain level or temperature she receives the buffs ,from the current passive. So let's say a percentage is added each time an ability is used or is active. World on fire, would have a cap so u can't just have that active to receive the buffs

Each ability will give a specific amount however there be a cap on each ability as to stop the spamming of one ability to get the buff.


Should scale with secondary mods but have a low base damage to stop it from being to strong. It should also be able to form elemental damage types that have heat as one of the components maybe this could be done by energy colour.


Some enemies can't be debuffed so it'd be nice if it was a buff to heat damage done by you. Otherwise a great ability

Fire Blast

Fire blast should move around with you because of the nature of this game you are barely stood still. Maybe u set ur self on fire and weapons this is the indicator the ability is in use.

Or fireblast could be replaced with this ability


Ember sets her self alight granting her weapons heat damage whilst also healing herself and team. Drawback high energy cost.

World on fire

The overheat mechanic is more of a hassle so rarely will players allow it to get to full before recasting because of this I think it should be rewarded by damage reduction as u overheat ember gains more damage reduction up to a maximum of 50% unmodded ,90% with some power strength , at max overheat

Please give me some feedback

Thank u for reading

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