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In search of active clan


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Greetings Tenno! I am currently a member of a largely defunct Ghost Clan (Jade Tower Emissaries) which was comprised of friends.

But alas, everybody quit playing, and I am the only person active, but I need some sort of socialization.

So, I decided to move on.

About me: I am a MR 23 Warframe Founder, so I've been around a while.  I have almost every frame and weapon mastered.

I love helping those in need, and have farmed much of the mutagen samples required for the Hema research, so I'm not adverse to farming.

 Clan size does not matter, maturity level and activity does.

Please send me a message for further information or for a short interview.

(Fun fact: This website does not recognize Tenno, Warframe nor Hema. ^.^)


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Hi me and a mate just started a shadow clan we got most the research done now i'm a returning player hes a bit of a noob but we are looking for social people that a very active to do what ever with tbh (sounded less dirty in head). hit me up if your interested we have a discord etc 🙂


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My clan is running for about 4 years and I don't plan on abandoning it. We sure have our peak and dead times, but overall you can call us active. Our average age is 20-25, and members are mostly smart enough to be self-ironic. Check this thread for more info:


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