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Bug with my faction standing


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Hey there,


I'm a fairly new player, MR 8 so far, and I believe I ran into a bug with my faction standing. Specifically, my Perrin Sequence standing, other factions seem to be working alright.


So basically, I was leveling Red Veil and Steel Meridian, but then decided it would be better for me to level Red Veil, Perrin Sequence, and New Loka instead. Had to claw the latter two out of negative numbers, but that was just fine by me. I even invested the Forma and 50k for both, to be able to rank them again.


With New Loka, this worked like a charm. I am leveling them now, as usual, and it's going well.


Perrin Sequence, however, different story.

With them, it shows that I am rank 0 with them just about everywhere. On the Syndicates overview menu. On my profile, when you go to the syndicate tab. When I view their offerings, it also says my rank with them is 0.


And yet, it says -1 Liability. And when I'm on the screen where I can make the offerings and rank up, it still says -22,000/-22,000. Even though I put in the work to rank them back up, I was using their default regalia, and it worked fine for New Loka even though I only clawed those back with the 50% from Perrin Sequence emblem.


Here are some screenshots as proof of what I'm talking about.

Syndicate Overview

Perrin Sequence page

View Offerings

Syndicates table on my proflle


I'm pretty sure this is a bug, since it says 0 everywhere except where I could actually rank them up. Plus when I use a Perrin Sequence regalia now, it does nothing to regain any of those supposed -22k standing that I definitely don't have anymore.


Hope this can be fixed soon, as I really wouldn't like to fall too far behind with that particular syndicate.

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