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App suggestions plus 2FA discussion


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I have a couple of suggestions that would really improve the app/game

1 Add a lock to the mods so you can't accidentally sell them. Then allow modding within the app.

2 Daily login through the App. This is a must. Most days I never touch the game but if this was a feature I would be at login 900 because I have been playing since the start. I get you want people to log on to look at the market etc. 

3. But what if you allow market purchases within the app. Also Clan Management through the app would be great primarily donating resources.  

4. Lastly make your own authenticator within the app. 

This 4th one is super important in my opinion. I recently got locked out of one of my accounts and lost everything because of the Google authenticator. I think it's very important to have an authenticator but you also need a failsafe put in place for it. If you are using e-mail to authenticate then what is our failsafe because e-mail is usually the backup. I have been playing Warframe for a long time I don't want to lose all my progress, one of my biggest reasons for quiting would be losing my account. 

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Added the part about clan management
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