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Market Chat Suggestion


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Market Chat is a mess and having to buy and sell from an eternally rolling chat is painful, especially if you are looking for good deals. I also understand that DE probably doesn't want to make Maroo's Bazaar obsolete as a trading platform after they spent time making it. So a suggestion, why not create a new UI for the market, eliminating trade chat and instead creating terminals inside Maroo's Bazaar for trading, people can place orders and sell items at their own prices and must have the item within inventory to sell and select how many of the item they are selling or buying. They can create an order for buying, have a bid on it, return later to confirm the bid and purchase, and so on for the various modes of trade. Within this terminal, there can be delegated sections for thing such as buying and selling, auctions, price checks, and so on. This also gets rid of the literal crowd of Tenno loitering around Maroo's Bazaar where it can be difficult to find items by the sheer number of people. We eliminate the ugly and confusing issue of trading chat while still using in-world locations for trade. Make trade chat great again, by getting rid of it!

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Il y a 1 heure, H.Katsura_999 a dit :

I kinda forgot how an auction house is a bad idea now.

Can anyone refresh my memory please?

I have tons of items that I can sell, but in order to do so I have to be actively searching through chat.

An AFK option should be cool right?


Use warframe.market.

Is easy and dont stuck you in the trade chat.

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