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What Do You Do To Gain Credits? (Personally)



Based on this title I sound like I'm just coming into the game, however..
I'm rank 11 with over 700 hours of gameplay and I only have 7,766 credits...

DE has been making ways for people to spend their credits, but I don't really feel like ways have been made for people to gain credits.

Before some suggestions are made I'm going to say that.

I can't play with specified people, ie. friends, people in chat, etc.

I'm behind a strict NAT, which is preventing me from

1. Seeing people on my friends list

2. Communicating with anyone period. (I can't see what people type due to this NAT and as far as I know they can't see what I'm typing either).

So as stated in the title, what do you do to gain credits?


PS. Things I've already done
Sold all my extra blueprints.

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Void missions, you have 700hrs of gameplay, you should know this by now. Exterminate and Capture missions are missions I'm sure can be done alone.

Am hoping to see if there are other things people are going about doing before I have to grind defense missions to get void keys to grind...

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I think Void is still giving the best reward in terms of strict credit gains, and you can farm up a Master Thief to increase that even further. There are also Alerts which reward over 9k credits before bonuses.


I have over 4MM credits but there's no telling what the economy will be before we're out of beta, so I stockpile BPs from Alert rewards I can sell if I ever end up needing credits. It's pretty efficient, most alerts rewarding a BP have an average of 5k credit reward before bonuses, and most BPs sell for another 5K so you're coming out ahead of the 'big credit' alerts already.

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I have a gross income of 14m but when I had 4m on me that was spent on trying to get to rank 11 from 8 and trying to max serration.


Did you just use any crappy mods or did you use fusion force and v's? Since I did the latter and spent about 500k on serration. Did you transmute a bunch of mods because if so that's your problem.

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I'm in the same case, I used to have a lot of credits then DE placed that message in the gear stuff and i spend all my credits on them... like 2M now i have 2k credits -.-" and I've done 3 T3 Void keys and just end with 2k credits!!! WTF!!! are they buggy or something?, Yes my team8 they had the credits for finish it but me? I dont and i get the extraction point always... ( yes i was the host)

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Weep in misery while staring at the results of T3 keys. Then go wait for some method of gaining credits at end game to be implemented.


If you really want to farm credits now, T3 is still the best way, but 'best' is a funny word for it, since affording a genuine expense like maxing Serration could very well require longer than farming the cores in the first place at this point.

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