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Arcanes not registering in Ducat Kiosk


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So. I checked my Arcanes like usual and I stumbled upon the quote: "This can be exchanged for 100 Ducats, This Arcane can fit into your Warframe.". I proceeded to then head to the Strata Relay to visit the Ducat Kiosk, It then turns out that Arcanes weren't registered as stuff you can exchange for Ducats. Is this a Localization error or a Bug?thinking think GIF

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I agree I saw this and was like "Wait what?!" and I was about to trade in 10 of my pax bolt arcanes for 1k ducats just to find out nothing so this is either a bug that was never meant to happen (I mean that arcanes are never meant to be traded) or an incoming feature that they are thinking about adding to the game that slipped through the cracks and now is exposed to the whole community.

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