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Survival Oxygen Bug (Or Common Sense Failure)


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Once your O2 levels hit 0% in Survival, activating an O2 canister spawns its visual/audio effects, has Lotus speak her lines, but does not actually add to your O2 levels, and you proceed to choke to death.


I can't tell if this is intended design, but it definitely doesn't make sense from a logical perspective.

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Rhino's Iron Skin usually saves the day in these situations. As it stops the hp drain (and makes you invulnerable as usual).


I managed to save the mission a couple times by running around resurrecting teammates while they were running for their lives to extraction after oxygen reached 0 (while I was taking potshots at the odd mob in the way).



On a slightly less relevant note, I thought the "common sense failure" mentioned in the title was that Warframes seem to be perfectly able to survive in a vacuum (i.e. without air and oxygen). So the whole "they are depleting the oxygen, RUN!" is a bit nonsense.


I mean, at extraction they climb on the exterior of a spacecraft and stay there while it goes away. While you hear the wooosh of the air rushing out of the Corpus/Grineer vessel/asteroid.


Although I do like the mechanic of Survival missions.

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