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The Solar System


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1. Immersion

Currently warframe takes place in the solar system rather than 'a galaxy far far away.' They are the same planets (and moons) but not the same orbits, orbit length distance, or even locations. We have dwarf planets like ceres in the wrong locations(its supposed to be in between jupiter and the inner planets) and moons like phobos not orbiting a planet(phobos is jupiter's moon). I know I'm not supposed to question game logic but when its clearly based on locations in real life it starts to take out immersion when it conflicts with what we know in reality. Although i might be missing out in information(it might be written somewhere by DE that the planet names are placeholders and each planet/location will have a completely unique name after release and the universe will be completely different from reality), id like to point out this fact so that the warframe universe will be easier to accept.


2. Interface

A lot of bugs I've encountered in this game(that wasn't lag) come from the mission selection interface. Sometimes when selecting, leaving, re-entering, etc. a planet and its missions the planets themselves will swell as if selected and be roughly the same size as the sun(which actually isn't proportional to begin with). With the new interface, I've seen my character be replaced by sedna because the game thinks i'm still in the mission selection interface when i'm actually in the arsenal interface. The list basically goes on and on and i'm sure everyone is aware of it.  maybe we'll see an overhaul before release? Maybe we'll have a system where when in actual mission selection we'll see the mission locations relative to the planet(asteroid bases are orbiting the planet and planet maps are actually on the planet) rather than a 2D map w/ a 3D Solar System in the background.


3. Organization and Redundancy

Another problem I've had with the map is searching for a tileset and mission I would like to play on. A lot of the missions are scattered randomly and no real reason why one mission comes after the next. It's like Lotus is just giving us random missions to do after another. I propose a system where you do certain missions to get points to the next tier of missions in a system. Completing some of the extermination and mobile defense missions(which would theoretically break down security in the system) other missions like defense, rescue, and survival would be unlocked(looting the now poorly defended system). After completing a certain amount of the missions in the system it would unlock the assassination level. This way it avoids the linear paths and allows for a different mission interface and offers a sense of organization.


4. New Tilesets and Difficulty

What seems to be happening is that each system will have their unique tileset in order to give players a reason to go as far as pluto and eris. If each planet is different then it'd be a waste to have levels scale so high so fast. The purpose of scaling the level is because the missions were basically the same and there was barely a reason to go that far. However if the tileset and maps are different then shouldn't the level scaling be different too? Currently after completely every mission players are given nightmare mode. However, nightmare mode of one mission gives the same rewards as a nightmare mode of another mission so why bother completing all of the other planets? After completing a mission that people only play just to access the next mission, will they ever come back to it? Many games have missions that players replay but why? The difference between those games and this game is that there were different difficulty modes. Rather than leaving a planet to gather dust we can simply increase the enemy level for higher difficulty modes for each mission rather than have the same mission in a later planet. Then, with those new difficulties, resource drop, mod drop, and money rewards should be greater. That way it won't feel like I'm clubbing baby seals when I'm mindlessly grinding those early missions for ferrite. 

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Well I agree that the solar system isn´t precise, but  it is a game, so you will hardly have planets, their moons, and the sun at the right size proportions. Imagine then searching for pluto. Also, Phobos is a moon of the Mars, not the Jupiter :P (but Europa is). If moons were actually orbiting their planets would be cool though.

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yea thats the thing though, it'd be easier to accept if they were completely different planets/names instead of based on real planets we are familiar w/ ^^;


also thank you for reminding me which planet phobos orbits. (i wonder y i thought it was jupiter @.@)

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the satellites are fine as they are. so what if they aren't orbiting their parent planets? if they were, the whole map would be a mess. satellites orbiting planets would cause planet overlap(which we've only fixed in the last solar map overhaul finally), and the almost impossibility to click on them from them being so small.


Sol isn't to scale because then it would take up the entire screen. which would be completely stupid, and a waste of real estate of the players' screen.

the Sol system is the basis for Warframe to provide some familiarity. we probably wouldn't care anywhere near as much about what's going on if it was taking place in some far reach of the galaxy, 25,000 light years away. 


it's a game, functionality is the most important thing. 



erm, i don't see how changing the current visual unlock system into another unlock system that seems just as arbitrary, really makes it any better. i have no issues with how the solar map currently is. it has a spread of missions, and it would seem just as random if it was a list of unlocks rather than a solar map. there's always going to be some people that think the solar map makes no sense. everyone thinks differently.


i don't want to see difficulty choices, frankly. then we can 'reuse' the exact same thing seven different ways just by scaling numbers. that doesn't make things interesting, we just have bullet sponges like every other game. meh. i don't want to kill enemies by pumping them so full of ammunition that the lead in them weighs them down enough for them to die. i'm not looking for one shot kills, most certainly, i just don't want the difficulty to be so laughable that we just increase it by making things bullet sponges. that's something that's being reduced as it is, hopefully for enemies that use more strategy.

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