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More varies is needed for mobile app

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As most people including me who may unable to play Warframe anymore due to immense lag and crashes. We wish the Warframe mobile app to take priorities for the community to give them chances to have more function to farm and collect resources. Extractor Drones are a thing, but it'll be great to give them a remaster. Given that warframe have more resources that needed to farm and collect. Excluding some resources that requires Mining and fishing and Kuva. 

Other than collecting Resources, we suggest the Dev to add a feature for people allow access to dojo Research Lab and Market. That way we can get the items earlier than its necessary to play warframe and enter Dojo and market in order to affort them. 

The last thing we need is have access to Alliance chat, Region chat and Relay chat across all sector we chose to. At least that'll keep us accompany when we're not playing Warframe.

I believe these feature and changes does not affect the game however. It will be amazing to have this feature be added.

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