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Open world bad ping

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So I've neglected to really do public matches in general, but more specifically on upper level bounties/heists because my ping just spikes as high as 4000-5000 ping and the game is completely uplayable at this point. Trying to leave to Cetus/Fortuna/Orbiter freezes the game app for several minutes as well. General mission pings are never this bad and I tried to get onto the Vallis to do the profit taker heist on pubs and then with friends only to get a ping bouncing between 400 and 1000 and a forced offline session after it took way too long to connect.

In contrast, I never have this issue in regular missions. Even with the Plains, it's not usually as bas as it is on the Vallis. And I'd really like to do and complete the profit taker at least once without having to deal with ping issues all the time. My ping in regular missions bounces between 35 and 90, but it's more strictly on the Vallis where my ping just tanks and I can't do anything but wait for warframe to respond or force close it.

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