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Equinox Prime 4 ability glitched


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So I got Equinox Prime, Built her for her 4 ability but am stuck when I use her 4. I charge it to about 100k dmg then press 4 again but nothing happens. I know I am in day form when I do it as well. Instead of being called maim in her status affects its listed as mend for some reason even in day form, and I think that is why it is not working. Please fix as soon as you can. Idk if its just me or other people as well.

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It's the same for me, for some reason Mend & Maim are switched.

So when you are in Day-Form it actually isn't maim but it is registered as mend. I tried it out and it really heals me instead of doing damage to the enemies.

When I go into the night form instead I get Maim and the damage works as intended.

Edit: It seems like EVERY SINGLE ABILITY is swapped! In day form I put enemies to sleep and reduce the damage of enemies (so rest & pacify are swapped with rage & provoke)!

I am really confused as to why this is happening and I hope for a fix because this is really confusing.

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