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Vauban Helmet?


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Apparently, but of course I'm not 100% on this, there hasnt been a Vauban Helmet alert since July...

For me it's because the last Vauban helmet alert was 2 months ago (https://twitter.com/WarframeAlerts/status/359401971955929088). Since then, there have been 11 Systems alerts and 11 Chassis alerts. Guess which part I need to finally build that damn frame.



If this is the case, I understand Vauban being kinda rare, but once every two months is a little asinine. Unless someone wants to correct me on a more recent helmet event, I think DE needs to do a helmet event today...or soon at least.

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OK. Bet you it shows up at 5AM EST.


(I managed to build Vauban off the alerts when he first came out. I sympathize with the people struggling to build him.)


I rarely see vauban parts, and thats fine, but two months for a helm is absurd. They should have at least one alert for each part at least once a week. That way, you just gotta get it in time, but if you miss it, then its a week of waiting for another chance. One week isnt a bad time frame to wait for anything in a game, but two months? Think about it. Some people have been waiting two months for a vauban helmet. Two months. Let that sink in.


Some people dont even take that amount of time to farm a Primed Frame.


It should remain RNG times, not standard time slot or anything.

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