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Disable quests from forcefully accessing your inbox


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Sometimes, you have an in-game message with rewards that you don't want to open right now. In my case, it was the weekly Conclave rewards, since that 50 000 standing would be wasted as I was close to Ranking up. But as long as I don't check my inbox, no problem, right? But then I started a new quest (Stolen Dreams), which immediately brought me to my Inbox, which naturally placed me at my Conclave message by default (instead of the new message that prompted the Inbox activation in the first place). There are numerous things I find wrong about this, but since the specific problem was how the game forces you to check the Inbox, I chose to put this topic in the General section.

List of suggestions:

- No forceful Inbox entry, just a notification that you have unread messages like with everything else.
- Make it so that Quest messages are viewed as they are and doesn't make any of the other unread Inbox messages marked as read.
- Make it so that rewards need to be accepted, and not automatically added to the player.

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