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More players left (afk)


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 I am a Japanese player. I am always grateful to offer fun games.
Well, this is the main subject, but I woke up from cold sleep for the first time in 3 years, and I am Tenno who held the sword again in battle. The impressions may change considerably compared to the past, and I will post it as I think that it is a problem.
 This is noticeable on Asian servers, but more and more players are looking for efficiency to gain experience. This is a common sight in Sanctuary and VOID MOT endurance. Although we think that we return to get new equipment from reward, there are a lot of self-centered players, such as leaving, in a situation where the game can not be done properly.
I think I had been taking "anti-afk measures" a few years ago, but it is clear that the situation is far worse than before. If you want to know the real situation, please log in at Asia 、 and go to Sanctuary or MOT. You will encounter 9 times in 10 times.
It is a proposal because it is not good only for complaints, but it may be better to review the equipment level restrictions and the judgment of leaving. For example, Elite Sanctuary can only be challenged with 30 equipment.
It is a pity I think that it has become a very painful game for players who try to play and try a little new. I post it in Google translation, so it may be difficult to read.

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I speak for myself here, but in the european region, very few players actually afk in missions, because they get punished from doing so, this obviously only happens because there is a widespread idea that you can and should report such behavior, i'm not saying all the players do such thing but the % of players reporting is likely higher compared to other regions and so the enviroment while playing is often normal, the population in warframe has been increasing but the ammount of afk behavior didn't increase in that proportion. (same thing for other rule infractions)

Maybe the reason there is so much afk behavior in asia might be because no one really cares, if you do care use support and report the players doing afk behavior, that simple.

Everynow and then i get asked "why do you care?" "why are you reporting an afk player", this Topic is exactly why, i personally don't want to play warframe only to see afk behavior in every single game.

But that's me.

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Thank you for your reply.

----The reason why there are so many afk behaviors in Asia may be because somebody really does not care.----
After all I think that there are many people who feel the language barrier. I am very happy to hear your opinion.

----Why are you worried?-----
I feel the same way. I like this game which gives me a nice time and I hope to enjoy it.
I don't like to see the behavior that I want even my own.

It seems that many people say that afk is correct.

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Yeah i was in Void MOT 2 times, both 20minutes, and got the same afk person.
Me and someone else, i did 198 kills as Vauban with my Soma, another player did 356 kills as Baruuk and the one passive afk Revenant had 16kills, only ran around to hide himself, activated only a Life support capsule because it dropped to around 50% and just ended up hiding again, running to extraction and not bothering to wait for us and extracted alone.

Even if i would leave the Squad and Mission, i would end up getting in the same mission again, cant be bothered to waste 5mins of waiting so i can get a different Squad.

DE ruined the Unvault with exclusivity, same as they did with Rhino and Nyx.

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1. elite sanctuary onslaught only requires level 30 warframes, not weapons

2. you can and should report afk players on zendesk

3. "leeches" as we call them are common in ESO on NA servers as well; most of the time having one or two makes virtually no difference if we have a semi-decent saryn or volt, some are more considerate than others and at least bring trinity, others are more brazen and just go inaros or limbo and afk

if you don't like how people are behaving on your team, you can leave at the end of the wave, let them know you're reporting them, and then report them. become self-sufficient in ESO so that you can solo comfortably to wave 8 if you're farming for blazing step or vandal parts.

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