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'cyath' On 'eris' Always Laggy


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I'll keep it short and sweet. Basically, when I enter 'Cyath' on 'Eris', (Mobile Defense) no matter what the time I ALWAYS am thrown straight into an already existing mission where the connection lag makes the mission pretty much unplayable. I'm talking loot surrounding my Carrier sentinel but not collecting it to the point it's blocking my view, enemies and foes sprinting on the spot but ending up nowhere until a couple of minutes later, sometimes I don't even see the enemies appear in the room before they have all been taken out. So I am pretty much stood unaware of how to play.


Now, I have tried lowering my ping limit in options to as low as 100 ping and tried the rest of them to no avail. The only person playing Warframe on my connection is myself and the connection is secured. I analyzed my NAT and it's not been deemed strict once. However I did try building a custom squad in 'Recruiting' chat in which I was host and the mission played perfectly (I'm aware that'll be because I am host I recieve no lag). But the other players said the same, that they had a smooth experience and recieved next to almost no lag. I am aware that graphical lag can sometimes cause the host's connection to slow a bit and cause connection lag but that was not the case. Infact ever since the new multi-thread rendering option was added to the client my computer will run Warframe at Maximum graphics with pretty much no fps drop. So that's what makes me question. Will DE try and sort that out or is it just my luck giving me a hard time?


I would really love if someone could give me some suggestions on this as it's quite off-putting and although I understand fully the game is still in Open Beta. Since I begun playing I don't seem to have noticed any big improvements with connection and bad matchmaking. There aren't many things I can fault DE on but matchmaking is definitely one I can. I just wonder wether dedicated servers will be implemented or is there a reason why they can't or won't add them?

Thanks anyway Tenno!
CraigLee out.

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It's just that a lot of people out there are hosting using internet powered by coal furnaces. What we really need is an option to always/never host based on our connection.


What I find works well for now is setting your ping limit to 100, starting a game and clicking play now because chances are nobody will connect straight away. Once you're in, set it back to 200 and wait for the game to fill.

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