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Stigma's Omen Wisp (aka "i dont know what im doing")

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i dont really ever give it my all when it comes to tennogen. wf design is just super duper hard for me. but erry once and a while i want to do something

current progress:




past progress:



progress 01



progress 02




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It gives me some mummy vibes but it does fit here theme. I know its early on in making it but I would really like to see some energy lines going around the face and/or headwrap that is if you are going for a skin as well to make it even better seeming to have energy flow within her. i would like to see something on her headwrap maybe a little sun-like symbol as that space can be used for something. For the back part of her nech maybe have the wrap be more to her head to show of her neck-form(?), the cloth seems to extend downwards but how much downwards, I know most players were disappointed when teh ysaw wisp having those cloths later added on devstream so maybe have the two cloths unite at some point together and be around her mid-back area and free her assets for free viewing, looking forward to seeing more progresion on it

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